Talent and heart make the worthiest winner

rag2012When news reached me that Rachelle Ann Go has been nominated in Broadway World UK’s West End Awards for Best Featured Actress in a New Production of a Musical, I knew she deserved to be in the running. Looking back at her career and how she ended up on that stage at the Prince Edward Theatre made me realize that she has really come a very, very long way.

Yet I am not surprised anymore that there are again those who continue to cry foul. Once again doubts are being cast not just on her nomination but the people who are supporting her as well. It also casts a cloud on the award-giving body that is and continues to be a credible entity in the world of theater.

Never mind that Rachelle was given this role after auditioning for it just like all those who wanted to be part of the show. Never mind that she had worked hard to make herself a better performer and person in the ten years that she had been in the business, paying her dues and endured the intrigues and the unfairness in it. Never mind that she was able to move the audience and make such a lasting impression even with just part of a whole song which she shared with the lead. Never mind that she had managed to successfully evolve Gigi into someone different from the original characterization, and so memorable with just half a song. Never mind that she was able to make the audience want more of the character she played with such powerful emotions and vocals. Never mind that she was named one of the ten hottest women in the West End by Pocketsize Theater Blog, a website run by UK theater lovers. Never mind that The Blake Band dubbed her a Filipina superstar after doing collaborations with her. Never mind that world-renowned composer Scott Alan and the Ms Lea Salonga were all praises. Never mind that she had gotten consistent raves from people who got to watch Miss Saigon, and I mean Filipinos AND non-Filipinos. Never mind that the artists and people behind BBC Radio in London were all praises and moved to tears by her live performance when she guested with Blake. Never mind that Movie In My Mind has now been associated with her simply because she truly shined and owned that wondrous song.

M522143_2902098755952_373293501_nost of all, never mind that her big support base grew throughout the years out of respect and belief in her not just as an artist but as a colleague and an individual. And never mind that because of all her efforts, sincerity, generosity and passion to complement that awesome talent paid off and got her where she is now.

If some people want to write her off, together with Korean superstar Kwang Ho, as not deserving simply because of their pop star status that “would make their votes not credible enough” for the award, then to hell with all those things I mentioned above, right? The argument was that these thousands of votes came from people who come from far away and were driven by idolatry only. That the expected lopsided win would be because of reasons not related to what the award is all about.

How myopic can that argument get? First of all, Rachelle (just like Kwang Ho) does not just stand there on stage during each of those eight shows that they do every week and try to look cute to make the audience swoon. Rachelle works her vocal chords out to give the best performance in each show, meet the audience afterwards for pictures and autographs, go home and do household chores before going to bed and then get up early the next day, do chores and head back to the Prince Edward Theatre to do the shows. Yes, she cooks her own food and cleans her apartment herself, even if there are those who may doubt the fact. Not only that. She left her lucrative career here in the Philippines where she could have earned more from concerts and television shows. She left a more stable career to do Miss Saigon without even any reassurance that when she comes back, her career will continue where she left off.

Moreover, does that mean that majority of the people who voted for her were her fans here in the Philippines and not the people who watched the show? Does that also mean that everyone who voted for her co-nominees saw the show and felt that Rachelle falls short to deserve their votes?

Does that mean then that all those people who have seen the show and gave Rachelle rave reviews were all flukes? That they were just fangirling or fanboying without any credible basis for their praises? More importantly, were Sir Cameron Mackintosh, Claude-Michel Schonberg, Blake Band, Scott Alan, Gaby Roslin of BBC Radio London and Ms Lea Salonga, among other well respected artists in their fields, merely throwing empty praises and media hype? Shame on them then if they were just taking us all for a ride.

Before you say someone is not deserving of a nomination, why not look a little deeper into his or her story? You’d be surprised that there is more to these people than what the eye could see. People say her Miss Saigon fame was simply the hype of her rabid fans? Well, too bad these people continue to undermine or belittle hardworking artists, The worst thing we can do to a person who is giving her all to entertain the audience is to belittle her efforts simply because we refuse to open our eyes to see how much of herself she has been offering to all of us. No one who really knows her can accuse her of slacking off and taking advantage of the support of her fans unfairly. What got her to where she is will always be her love for her craft, her desire to always challenge herself, her generosity and sincerity towards her colleagues and fans, her talent that leaves you awestruck, her humility despite her achievements, her will not just to entertain but to inspire others, and her unwavering faith in God that all things can be achieved without having to hurt or step on other people’s toes.

For those whose curiosity about Rachelle had been piqued, feel free to read our past blogs and maybe, just maybe, you will get a glimpse of what this wonderful artist has gone through during the past decade. Maybe you’ll realize that she never had it easy in finding her niche in this industry because she stood firm in not getting sucked into the messy side of the business. Whatever she has now, she achieved slowly but surely in a way that is inspiring. Now probably those are the very reasons why she accumulated a ton of “rabid fans”. Probably it was because she has become an inspiration for those who never gave up on a dream and continued to pursue it in a clean and honest way.

So if you are one of those who believe in Broadway World, in Rachelle Ann Go and the people behind Miss Saigon, go and vote for those you like most from all the people who are deserving enough to be nominated. Just click here and let your choices be known.



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What icons are made of

Merriam-Webster defines icon as a person who is very successful and admired while Google tags it as a person or thing regarded as a representative symbol of something. Synonyms are idol, paragon, hero, heroine; celebrity, superstar, star; favorite, darling.

Nowhere in those plain and simple definitions stated that icons are supposed to be mature individuals who are uber successful and very well known all over the world. For me it simply means an individual whose life, ideals, personality, flair, talent or actions served as an inspiration to or elicited action or gratitude from others.

Recently, an argument arose when the official Facebook page of Miss Saigon UK tagged Rachelle Ann Go and Lea Salonga as icons who brought the house down with their duet of Movie In My Mind at the musicale’s 25th Anniversary Gala Show held last September 23 at the Prince Edward Theater. Yes, many naysayers agreed that Ms. Lea is an icon but Rachelle? NOT.


Okay. Let’s get down to the nitty-gritty of this argument. Rachelle has been in the business for almost eleven years, each one presenting challenges that she had successfully hurdled. Most she even had to face without much support from the very people who were supposed to take care of her. Each year she braved these challenges with much positivity, spending those difficult years improving herself as an artist and a person. She did not waste her time wallowing in self-pity but instead made sure that when that big opportunity came, she will be ready and prepared to take on the challenge and prove that she has so much more to offer than what she was allowed to show. She had paid her dues and many times dearly at that.

Hero, idol, paragon

ICON5Yes, she became a hero to so many artists who continue to struggle against an industry that had been putting too much premium on the money bag at the expense of the creative and talented. Fame was driven by how many screaming fans there were in the audience that drown out the artist’s lack of ability and justify mediocrity with popularity. Those who have honed their talent for years and have struggled to break into the industry were left to fend for themselves until they become popular enough to bring in the moolah. They had to contend with those who bring in the bucks through gimiks and praise releases, thanks to big time handlers and those holding the proverbial influential pens.

Rachelle never had it easy after winning a talent search. What made her story admirable was her staying power despite the odds. Despite the lackluster support from her handlers, she managed to beat the odds with her talent, professionalism, generosity, humility and positive take on things. Whereas weaker hearts would have thrown in the towel, she handled her career as if she was never lacking in opportunities. She treated her colleagues as if they were not competition. You’d think that her generosity with fellow artists would jeopardize her edge over them but no, she never thought of the situation as such and had therefore earned their admiration and respect in the process. And when small doors and windows began to open, she shared her blessings with others even more instead of holding on to these for her own benefit.

Now that, to me is nothing short of being a hero of the abandoned, belittled and overlooked. She stood her ground for almost a decade, refused to be sucked into the dirty politics of the business and vowed to inspire others to fight clean and never give up. If that doesn’t spell H-E-R-O or does not inspire would-be artists to idolize her as a paragon of strength, then I don’t know what will.

Celebrity, superstar, star

Overrated, some claim. Overrated is when you earn so much praises but with not much to show for it. And that surely does not apply in her case. A decade full of ups and downs, and overcoming them all point to one thing: STAYING POWER. Gold and platinum albums, critically-acclaimed concerts, shows and performances, and gutsy moves that have made her into a multi-faceted performer…I seriously doubt that you would not consider such an artist a celebrity or a star. And she even gets better as time goes by. Her almost two million Twitter followers (and counting) as well as her strong presence in social networking sites can never be undermined. Do I need to give more proof of her celebrity/star status?

Superstar…now there’s the rub, at least to those who question her worth. Naysayers will question her being considered as one. To them I ask, how many of her contemporaries have achieved what she has achieved particularly in the last couple of years when she bravely stepped into the world of theater without any formal training, taking on the lead role and got rave reviews in her debut? And after two musicales, once again put on her big girl shoes and walked into the Miss Saigon auditions armed only with guts, support from family, friends and supporters, and that critical thumbs up from no less than the Ms. Lea Salonga who believed in her right from the start?

icon2In my book, what makes a superstar is one who never stayed in her comfort zone, wanting to do more to make full use of her God-given talents. That was what made Lea the superstar that she is right now…and what made Rachelle a superstar in her own right as she continues to do our country proud. Hers is a role that does not even get much mileage out of her awesome talent yet those few minutes on stage got the attention of the audience in a big way. That led to highly respected artists like the Blake Band (who calls her a Filipina superstar, by the way) and Scott Alan, to name a few, to take notice and showcase her in some of their endeavors. Now that is a mark of a superstar.

Oh and by the way, did I mention that she was named as one of the 15 Hottest Women in the West End?  She was the only Asian who made it to the list which included big names in theater.

Favorite, darling

Ask anyone who had watched Miss Saigon and tried to meet the cast by the stage door after the show and you’d know that Rachelle is always flanked with so many people wanting to meet her. Undoubtedly she is a crowd-drawer of the show…a feat in itself again given the fact that she doesn’t really have as much exposure as the show’s other main stars. Based on media, social networks and audience feedback, her performance is awesome, leaving people wanting more of Gigi. She has successfully put her own mark on the character instead of cloning that which was originally played by Isay Alvarez-Sena. Needless to say, her poignant portrayal of an otherwise villainous role made the audience understand and even love the paradox that is Gigi van Tranh. That is what made her a darling to the people who have seen her on that West End stage…and I am not even referring to just the Filipino audience.

icon0Come gala night, her duet with Lea reinforced the magic that she creates on stage as the two awesome artists blew away the audience. And why not? The mutual admiration and respect that these two women have for each other is not surprising at all. I am sure Lea can relate to what Rachelle went through before she found her rightful place in the business. Despite her exceptional talent and solid background and experience on stage, it was bagging the role of Kim 25 years ago that earned her the absolute nod in local showbiz. It was then that the bigwigs that control the industry took notice and opened doors for her. I see her paying forward the blessings and wisdom she acquired along the way to someone who epitomizes what she herself holds dear.

ICON4Lea and Rachelle share almost the same history. Their paths to international recognition run parallel though at different times. Yet their paths crossed as one brought the other up with her. Seeing them both on that stage that night was like watching the story of these two artists come together full circle.

So, yes, on that stage that night were TWO icons who deserved all the accolades they continue to get. Those 90,000 plus hits their duet got in Youtube in barely three days before it was pulled out and the raves it got were more than enough proof of that fact.

These two women personify grace, dignity and most of all, class. They are indeed a refreshing site in an otherwise competitive industry. One is overflowing with generosity in raising the other up, the other shyly acknowledging a mentor’s well-deserved praises. Their selflessness is what convinces me that they’ve got what ICONS are made of.

Catch a glimpse of a legendary icon and an icon of the new generation as they showcase their powerful rendition of a Miss Saigon classic duet here.  Be sure to tune in to BBC Radio 2 to listen to the full performance on October 3 at 8pm.

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On bashers and hecklers

The funny thing about bashers and hecklers is that they rarely make good sense. They think they do but they don’t.

I’ve been hearing a lot of complaints about a basher on Twitter who is relentless in insulting Rachelle Ann Go.  Guys, there is no need to concern yourselves with this particular basher. Judging by the words coming out of his or her mouth, this person really isn’t worth much. Don’t stoop to this person’s level.

The problem with other people is that they don’t judge you by a decent man’s standard but simply because you are a hindrance to somebody. They nitpick on what they think they know and then use this to do their pathetic demolition job. So I don’t see any sensible comeback for these kinds of people. They know no sense and are consumed by hatred and vengeance. To reason with them is futile. You’ll just stress yourself out.

On which side would you rather be?

On which side would you rather be regarding this issue?

To you who thinks so lowly of people you consider as not beautiful and rich enough for your beloved idol, my prayers go to you. You seem to need a lot of divine intervention. My heart goes to your parents and loved ones whom you are dragging down with you. I doubt that they deserve it in the same way you are hurting innocent people and their own loved ones.

Rachelle supporters, chin up. The negative tweets, though many, only come from not even a handful. They do not even build much of a case. Destress with the fact that we know Rachelle better than some of those who simply see green because of, well, I don’t know…envy? Jealousy? Whatever their reasons are for preying on an innocent woman instead of addressing the issue to the man who chose to be with the woman, one thing is clear: they aren’t thinking clearly. So why bother with them? There’s more to celebrate than to stress about when it comes to Rachelle Ann Go.

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Rachelle Ann Go: Embracing that West End dream-come-true

Last year she auditioned just like any other girl who wanted to be part of the West End remake of Miss Saigon. Prodded by family, friends, colleagues and supporters who believed in her, and encouragement from the Ms Lea Salonga herself, she quietly signed up for auditions. Her schedule was full but she made time for it. People speculated. Will she? Will she not? Confirmation only came when she showed up at the audition venue without much funfare.

Every girl that came to that audition aspired for the lead role Kim. If you want to dream, then dream big, right? Rachelle was no different. She tried for Kim during the auditions. She made it to the shortlist. It was close to a year before she heard again from Cameron Mackintosh’s team. She thought she didn’t make it to the cut until she got word from them two months ago. She was, however, told that her age was not appropriate for the role but they would love for her to try for the role of Gigi. And for her, the opportunity of being part of the cast offers is enough to say yes, yes, YES.

And now, Rachelle Ann Go is Gigi in the 25th anniversary production of Miss Saigon opening May 3, 2014 at the West End. (Watch Cameron Mackintosh’s cast announcement.)

Thankful to be Gigi

Off to London she went for the final audition and got the part. For Rachelle, it was a dream come true just to hear them say that she is in. Not getting the role of Kim was not even an issue with her, although she is still quite uneasy about having to don Gigi’s famous bikini. But work is work, even without much protective clothing.


(Photo by Iris Azcarraga)

The disappointment of not bagging the role of Kim was but a natural but very fleeting feeling because excitement and gratitude immediately swiped it away. Why be disappointed when she will be part of the main cast, no matter how few her scenes may be. She gets the first spotlight and gets to sing one of the most popular songs in the musicale, The Movie In My Mind. I would not even say at least she got in because that would diminish the value of her being chosen. Given the age issue that became a big factor in how things turned out, getting the role of Gigi is an achievement in itself. Undermining that feat by making it sound like settling for second best is what’s disappointing for me.

So to those who feel short-changed somehow about the final casting, don’t be. Be proud that she is part of yet another historical run of Miss Saigon after 25 years since it was first staged at the West End. This is what dreams are made of. Let us not make this blessing any less than it really is for Rachelle and for our country which she will make even prouder in the coming year.

Ultimate show of grace as an artist

With another achievement tucked under her belt, Rachelle continues to show us the kind of artist that she is. Her gutsiness to take on challenges has paid off time and again as more doors open for her to evolve into a multifaceted artist. She was never bogged down by fears of putting her popularity on the line by taking on something new. She continues to push herself not just to do better but to try new things. The past few years saw her make a home in a new network, blossom as a performer, tried and succeeded as a concert producer and achieved much deserved accolades as she tried her hand in theater.

Although luck played a part in her journey in tinseltown, it is the artist and the person that she has evolved into that has propelled her to where she is now and where she is headed for in the days to come. She has shown us that strong faith, hard work, perseverance, humility, generosity and love for her craft can take you far. Her efforts to improve herself despite some disappointments and upsets continue to pay off. That is why whatever she has achieved now, she deserves to the hilt. Hers is no fluke but one that is hard-earned. She never had a bad word to say to fellow artists, production people or fans. Quite the opposite actually. And I believe that those are the very reasons why no matter what smut or dirty talk is thrown at her, the grime just cleanses itself off her. Once again, it becomes a case of her not being good or bad but being a hindrance to somebody. She isn’t perfect (who is anyway?) but her strong faith and her relentless belief in being a blessing to others puts her a cut above most in this cut-throat world called showbusiness.

And life is like a dream 
The dream I long to find
The movie in my mind

This is a dream come true indeed not just for Rachelle but all those who love and support her. Yet I wouldn’t say that this is the ultimate dream because with her strength, talent, dedication and drive, there will be new dreams to conquer after Miss Saigon. The beauty about Rachelle Ann Go is that as time goes by, her star shines brighter because the woman behind the artist simply believes that in good and with God, we will reach very far.

(Watch a tribute to this awesome artist in Sunday All Stars last December 1, 2013 and her very memorable duet with Ms. Lea Salonga in the latter’s 35th Anniversary concert, Playlist, last December 6-7.)

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What is and what’s not?

shin-11-6It is just sad that in the past weeks (and even months), there are facts that are being distorted to suit some people’s benefits. I’ve tried staying mum about the issue but lately things have been getting out of control.

I have known Rachelle for years and she has been a woman with integrity. The past couple of years, that integrity has grown with her Christian faith. She was never the type to badmouth or hurt others with words, more so with actions. Everyone who has been following her career knows how loyal she has been to people even if some of them proved to be not worthy of it. Her usual line: “Bahala na si God.”

Having said that, it therefore follows that once she says something firm and strong already, it only means she felt she needed to put things into perspective. Her words are not meant to hurt but to set things straight because probably things are getting out of hand.

To Rachelle’s supporters, just keep trusting and praying for her. We know her better than that, right? We’ve been with her for years and know her heart better than the others who’ve just known her for months or weeks or even just days. Trust her that whatever she does, she does for a good reason. It will take more than a few tweets from people who do not even know her much to turn us against her, especially if it seems that she is also being used to get back at another person.

And to those who profess to know, and to those who only want to feel better about themselves at her expense, I hope you remember that you are not only hurting Rachelle but her family, friends and followers as well. I will give these people enough consideration in not mentioning what they are doing to paint a distasteful picture of her because there is no point in stooping to their level. Just remember that the way to keep a woman in your life is to be a gentleman. And the way to earn respect is to continue to be a gentleman even after happier days are over. That is what separates the men from the boys. The mark of a real man is how he can accept disappointments well and then move on graciously. 

That being said, life goes on. Always be happy, Rachelle!


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What keeps Tropang Trending going

It’s their fifth win to date but that isn’t what makes Tropang Trending a great story for me. Sure they have won five times but the real meat seems to be how they got to become the team to really watch out for.

The first thing that comes to mind when I see the roster of Tropang Trending is that they do not have loud and aggressive members. Or if they did, the level-headed ones are able to temper them. That is why what you see is a team that does not run on ego or popularity. They have come across as unassuming, getting down to the business of working out the week’s performance and not spend time gloating about their win or moping about their loss. Like what I mentioned in a previous blog about the team, they seem to have identified well the strengths of each member, and with the help of the dancers assigned to them, they are able to come up with performances that speak of team effort — win or lose.

Which brings me to the next point. They seem not to wallow in their losses. They most probably discuss the judges’ comments but they come across as a team who gives their all and just hopes for the best. If they lose this week, then on to the next week. People seem to think they keep winning week in and week out but remember they just posted their fifth win. How many weeks has Sunday All Stars been on air? Definitely more than five weeks. There were I believe a number of weeks that saw another team bag the honor. If I remember right, they didn’t win during the early weeks of the show.

I remember a comment of judge Jaya that Tropang Trending is hard to beat because they always perform from the heart. So true, Ms Jaya. That is why they are able to cope with challenges that crop up during the week. They work as a team, not as individual artists. And you can see the effort to give each member a chance to shine each week.

Congratulations, Tropang Trending. The Best Team Performance award is simply a reflection of your effort to work as one. I believe that if you continue to support each other every week, whoever the leader is should cease to matter. We all know that not all people are born to lead. I also learned that a good leader does not have to be the best person in the group. If you can tap the strengths of each person, then you have led well. You do not have to be the one to think or do everything. Team effort involves everyone, not just the leader. And heck, you guys can even pull it off even in the absence of one. May your group be an example of how TEAMWORK can go such a long, long way. Promise us that you will always see yourselves as a synergy of talents who perform as one for you have shown everyone that supporting instead of outdoing is what turned you into a formidable team. As Tropang Trending supporters continue to love your humility as a team despite the effort outside to bring you down or belittle your efforts, may you all know that each member of the team is loved and valued, no matter what.

Oh and for the record, Tropang Trending does not need to trend simply because they were assigned that group name. The competition is about performance, concept, execution and teamwork. It is not about who is more popular or gets talked about most. Otherwise they should just change the rules and not need a show to name a winner.

Let me mention this tweet I read that got my attention:

@crspyptwthbngs: Nagsasawa na kayo sa panalo ng Tropang Trending? Anong magagawa? Eh hindi sila nagsasawang mag-effort. #TropangTrendingOurHappiness

It’s not to say there was no effort from the other teams. It’s just that the kind of effort that Tropang Trending puts into their team seems to be turning it into a gold mine of talented people who seem to have learned to value and nurture each other’s worth in achieving their goals. We or lose, they are accepting of the outcome and have rarely talked about their winning streak. It’s like performing on the show is the culmination of a week of hard work, and if they make it as The Best Group, it just makes the week’s effort worth it. Remember that it is quite difficult to cheat a performance in the hope of making it look good and well put together. Again, it takes a little more to come up with a solid performance.

Way to go, Tropang Trending!


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Shouldn’t be much of a loss for Tropang Trending this week

TTrendingIf there is one team that turns adversity into opportunity, it is Tropang Trending. Not giving in to the pressure of taking advantage of popularity or kilig in their group performances, they have caught the eye not just of the judges but of the viewers. They continue to make sensible and heart-tugging production numbers in a cohesive and so very sincere way that you just can’t brush them aside when the more pakwela, loud or kilig prods are staged.

Today they once again showed us what group effort means as they presented again an innovative and powerful performance that is full of substance. Everyone was on the top of their game. Rachelle Ann Go, who won as Best Solo Performance (did I get the title of the award right?), deserved the award for the second time and this week even more so. What the TV cam did not capture was Rachelle continuously acting out a battered wife even while the action had shifted to the court jesters. She may have stood out but that did not take away anything from the other members who, no matter how big or small their part may have been, continued to deliver their best. Kudos to Rochelle Pangilinan who had to take the reins prematurely as Mark Herras relinquished his leadership to his fellow ace dancer. The synergy between artists and dancers, this month being ADDLIB, is icing to the cake.

I felt bad when they lost this week (yes, I consider Sunday as the start of my week). Why? Though not loud or extravagant, this group has consistently been trailblazing in their classy and meaningful concepts. They’ve been injecting a lot of innovative ideas that showcases the artistry of their creative minds. You can easily see that what they are able to achieve, they did so as a group composed of not just one or two but many minds coming together not simply to win but to come up with a performance that is worthy of the viewers’ time. And that is the very reason why I felt bad that they did not win this week. It did not make the feeling any less because the winning group seemed to have adopted quite a bit of the Tropang Trending ideas in past performances, particularly their now signature ending or finale. In that respect, I felt that Tropang Trending should have prevailed again for being consistently striving to present something new.

I realized then that it shouldn’t be much of a loss since the winner just gave honor to the group by adopting its winning ways in more ways than one. This week, I would like to think that the group won in a way that is more meaningful. As I watched their VTR preceding their performance, there is one thing I noticed about the group members. Despite the adversity, they have managed to let maturity rein and rise above the problem. Everyone in the group seemed to have imbibed in them a proactive mentality. They have members who are unable to join them but that never stopped them from moving on and doing their part as a member so the group is not compromised by absences. And that to me is what probably makes the group tick. Everyone seems to be on equal footing. No one is older and wiser. No one is more popular and better. No one is just a dancer and just a singer. Everyone has a place in the group. Everyone has a role. And each member seemed to embrace their role eagerly. Heck, they even managed a grand slam last week without a leader. Whoever wins the Best Solo Performance in the group has everyone to thank.

Was their loss to appease the growing complaints of other fans and artists that the groups are unfairly distributed? I have no idea. I hope not. Unfair distribution of artists? I don’t think so. When Tropang Trending wasn’t winning yet, people never commented on this issue. People didn’t even give much thought to the group as attention was initially hugged by other groups. Truth is, Tropang Trending, as some claim now, does not have monopoly of the best singers and dancers. The truth is, Tropang Trending is simply a group who had scouted each member well and made sure everyone looked good in each performance. That is why they are coming up with prods that seem flawless in their execution. And because their goal is not first and foremost to win but to bridge the challenges and come up with a worthy performance, everyone’s creative juices seem to rise a notch higher every week. I love that I don’t remember hearing anyone in the group say that they need to keep the winning streak going. And I love that they seem to have created this bond that enables them to try and stretch their understanding for erring members. Disappointments are inevitable but this group seems to have learned how to balance things and look out for each other. Like what I mentioned before, the group is made up of individual artists with their own careers to think about too. I believe that what Tropang Trending should really be lauded for is the fact that there are no problems big enough to bring them down…and probably no big egos that need to be kept at bay. When they get together, they address the problem and then work on a solution without having to further put down the others and the group. I’d say they have personified the meaning of GROUP EFFORT and that shows every week. The artists, the dancers…they all make each other look good because that is the only way to go.

There is no I in TEAM…and Tropang Trending seems to have that down pat these days. That, to me, is the best win of all.

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