Rachelle Ann Go: The Woman Behind Jane

Jane Porter was depicted in the Disney movie Tarzan, where the Broadway Musical was based on, as an intelligent and beautiful young woman albeit somewhat talkative. Yet she was charming and proper, an art-lover and one who is not afraid to venture into the jungle to draw the wildfire. She was a mixture of fluff and strength, and possessed a charm that tamed the man-ape that was Tarzan.

4tarzanRachelle Ann Go this time swims out of the ocean and swings into the jungle as Jane and changes Tarzan’s life in the Manila staging of Tarzan The Musicale running from June 14 to 29 at the Meralco Theater. She is excited to take on another Disney character that is more mature than the little mermaid Ariel.

The character does not digress much from the woman who shall breathe life into the role. Just as Jane is not afraid to venture into the jungle, Rachelle never stopped pushing her limits. Her years in showbiz saw her transform from a singer to a total performer, and then some. She does not hesitate to take on challenges that most may be unwilling to venture into. She never stopped growing as an artist, making sure she learns new things so she can offer more to her audience. Rachelle’s successful theater debut attests that her artistry does not end on TV and the concert stage.


Challenges are nothing new to Rachelle anyway. In her more than nine years in the business, she has gone through a lot and had come out stronger and wiser each time. She has experienced the beauty and not so of this highly competitive business and has chosen to be true to herself and her craft. She shares Jane’s intelligence as she smartly navigated herself through the bumps and turns in her career. Despite the deluge of new singers and the industry-crippling problem of piracy, she has managed to hold her ground and even make significant inroads that have inspired new and established colleagues. Her incredible voice may have been her vehicle to get into the business but there was more to her that brought her to where she is now. She is well known by her colleagues as a hardworking and highly professional person, always prepared and enthusiastic to work. She is also known to want to keep learning and doing new things. She is well loved because of her humility despite her numerous accolades and achievements, her generosity in sharing her talents and blessings, and her sincerity to inspire others.


Always cheerful and easy-going, she is the type you can easily be comfortable with, can laugh with and can just be your true self with. She can make you feel at home with her endless stories and funny ways, and yet she can be all serious and give you really sound advice. And if you think the glitz and glamour of the business had rubbed off on her, you can think again. She continues to be that humble person that she was before entering showbiz, lives in the same house she grew up in, and is kept grounded by her family who continues to live the simple and unassuming life. Despite her simplicity, she definitely is no plain Jane. She knows how to have fun but she isn’t a party person. She loves spending time with friends but she values family time so much more. She could go to numerous showbiz events and hobnob with the big names who only have praises for her, and yet she chooses to live a quiet private life surrounded by people who truly care for her. She looks all grown up when dolled up and can give you a mean performance when she gets on that stage but once she steps out of the limelight, she reverts back to the same ol’ Shin who looks no older than a 15-year old when devoid of make-up and can make everything okay with a smile or her child-like giggle.

Just like Jane, Rachelle’s charm and sense of humor have captivated quite a number of men (neanderthal and otherwise). Unlike Jane though, she has yet to find her real-life Tarzan who will sweep her off her feet. She has realized a thing or two about the ways of love and the sting of heartache, and had to learn the hard way how to deal with breakups where she had to endure public scrutiny. Romance Blvd may have paved a tough road for her thus far but she came off every wrong turn much stronger and wiser, and had helped her evolve into a better person and a deeper performer.


Jane and Rachelle are both women who went through changes in their lives that added to their strength and character. Many have no idea how tough Rachelle had become through the years. Disappointments, heartaches, trials…these are just temporary setbacks where she draws strength and wisdom from, and then move on and seek better opportunities. Her strong faith has given her that confidence to live life the way she believes is right and be able to inspire people to do the same.

It will be interesting to see how Rachelle brings to life a Jane that is marked with her own personal touch. She has said she has learned so much from Jane. Well, Rachelle, I think Jane can learn as much from you too.

Rachelle joins a powerful cast that include Broadway actor Dan Domenech who plays Tarzan, Ima Castro as Kala, Calvin Millado as Kerchak, Eugene Villaluz as Professor Archimedes Q. Porter and Jeffrey Hidalgo as Turk. Chari Arespacochaga directs.

Tarzan The Musical goes on stage at the Meralco Theater from June 14-29. For tickets, call Viva Atlantis Theatricals at 687-5853 loc 661 or 673 / 892-7078 / 840-1187. You may also call Ticketworld at 891-9999 or visit ticketworld.com.ph. Check out www.vivaatlantistheatricals.com for more details.


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