Shouldn’t be much of a loss for Tropang Trending this week

TTrendingIf there is one team that turns adversity into opportunity, it is Tropang Trending. Not giving in to the pressure of taking advantage of popularity or kilig in their group performances, they have caught the eye not just of the judges but of the viewers. They continue to make sensible and heart-tugging production numbers in a cohesive and so very sincere way that you just can’t brush them aside when the more pakwela, loud or kilig prods are staged.

Today they once again showed us what group effort means as they presented again an innovative and powerful performance that is full of substance. Everyone was on the top of their game. Rachelle Ann Go, who won as Best Solo Performance (did I get the title of the award right?), deserved the award for the second time and this week even more so. What the TV cam did not capture was Rachelle continuously acting out a battered wife even while the action had shifted to the court jesters. She may have stood out but that did not take away anything from the other members who, no matter how big or small their part may have been, continued to deliver their best. Kudos to Rochelle Pangilinan who had to take the reins prematurely as Mark Herras relinquished his leadership to his fellow ace dancer. The synergy between artists and dancers, this month being ADDLIB, is icing to the cake.

I felt bad when they lost this week (yes, I consider Sunday as the start of my week). Why? Though not loud or extravagant, this group has consistently been trailblazing in their classy and meaningful concepts. They’ve been injecting a lot of innovative ideas that showcases the artistry of their creative minds. You can easily see that what they are able to achieve, they did so as a group composed of not just one or two but many minds coming together not simply to win but to come up with a performance that is worthy of the viewers’ time. And that is the very reason why I felt bad that they did not win this week. It did not make the feeling any less because the winning group seemed to have adopted quite a bit of the Tropang Trending ideas in past performances, particularly their now signature ending or finale. In that respect, I felt that Tropang Trending should have prevailed again for being consistently striving to present something new.

I realized then that it shouldn’t be much of a loss since the winner just gave honor to the group by adopting its winning ways in more ways than one. This week, I would like to think that the group won in a way that is more meaningful. As I watched their VTR preceding their performance, there is one thing I noticed about the group members. Despite the adversity, they have managed to let maturity rein and rise above the problem. Everyone in the group seemed to have imbibed in them a proactive mentality. They have members who are unable to join them but that never stopped them from moving on and doing their part as a member so the group is not compromised by absences. And that to me is what probably makes the group tick. Everyone seems to be on equal footing. No one is older and wiser. No one is more popular and better. No one is just a dancer and just a singer. Everyone has a place in the group. Everyone has a role. And each member seemed to embrace their role eagerly. Heck, they even managed a grand slam last week without a leader. Whoever wins the Best Solo Performance in the group has everyone to thank.

Was their loss to appease the growing complaints of other fans and artists that the groups are unfairly distributed? I have no idea. I hope not. Unfair distribution of artists? I don’t think so. When Tropang Trending wasn’t winning yet, people never commented on this issue. People didn’t even give much thought to the group as attention was initially hugged by other groups. Truth is, Tropang Trending, as some claim now, does not have monopoly of the best singers and dancers. The truth is, Tropang Trending is simply a group who had scouted each member well and made sure everyone looked good in each performance. That is why they are coming up with prods that seem flawless in their execution. And because their goal is not first and foremost to win but to bridge the challenges and come up with a worthy performance, everyone’s creative juices seem to rise a notch higher every week. I love that I don’t remember hearing anyone in the group say that they need to keep the winning streak going. And I love that they seem to have created this bond that enables them to try and stretch their understanding for erring members. Disappointments are inevitable but this group seems to have learned how to balance things and look out for each other. Like what I mentioned before, the group is made up of individual artists with their own careers to think about too. I believe that what Tropang Trending should really be lauded for is the fact that there are no problems big enough to bring them down…and probably no big egos that need to be kept at bay. When they get together, they address the problem and then work on a solution without having to further put down the others and the group. I’d say they have personified the meaning of GROUP EFFORT and that shows every week. The artists, the dancers…they all make each other look good because that is the only way to go.

There is no I in TEAM…and Tropang Trending seems to have that down pat these days. That, to me, is the best win of all.


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