What keeps Tropang Trending going

It’s their fifth win to date but that isn’t what makes Tropang Trending a great story for me. Sure they have won five times but the real meat seems to be how they got to become the team to really watch out for.

The first thing that comes to mind when I see the roster of Tropang Trending is that they do not have loud and aggressive members. Or if they did, the level-headed ones are able to temper them. That is why what you see is a team that does not run on ego or popularity. They have come across as unassuming, getting down to the business of working out the week’s performance and not spend time gloating about their win or moping about their loss. Like what I mentioned in a previous blog about the team, they seem to have identified well the strengths of each member, and with the help of the dancers assigned to them, they are able to come up with performances that speak of team effort — win or lose.

Which brings me to the next point. They seem not to wallow in their losses. They most probably discuss the judges’ comments but they come across as a team who gives their all and just hopes for the best. If they lose this week, then on to the next week. People seem to think they keep winning week in and week out but remember they just posted their fifth win. How many weeks has Sunday All Stars been on air? Definitely more than five weeks. There were I believe a number of weeks that saw another team bag the honor. If I remember right, they didn’t win during the early weeks of the show.

I remember a comment of judge Jaya that Tropang Trending is hard to beat because they always perform from the heart. So true, Ms Jaya. That is why they are able to cope with challenges that crop up during the week. They work as a team, not as individual artists. And you can see the effort to give each member a chance to shine each week.

Congratulations, Tropang Trending. The Best Team Performance award is simply a reflection of your effort to work as one. I believe that if you continue to support each other every week, whoever the leader is should cease to matter. We all know that not all people are born to lead. I also learned that a good leader does not have to be the best person in the group. If you can tap the strengths of each person, then you have led well. You do not have to be the one to think or do everything. Team effort involves everyone, not just the leader. And heck, you guys can even pull it off even in the absence of one. May your group be an example of how TEAMWORK can go such a long, long way. Promise us that you will always see yourselves as a synergy of talents who perform as one for you have shown everyone that supporting instead of outdoing is what turned you into a formidable team. As Tropang Trending supporters continue to love your humility as a team despite the effort outside to bring you down or belittle your efforts, may you all know that each member of the team is loved and valued, no matter what.

Oh and for the record, Tropang Trending does not need to trend simply because they were assigned that group name. The competition is about performance, concept, execution and teamwork. It is not about who is more popular or gets talked about most. Otherwise they should just change the rules and not need a show to name a winner.

Let me mention this tweet I read that got my attention:

@crspyptwthbngs: Nagsasawa na kayo sa panalo ng Tropang Trending? Anong magagawa? Eh hindi sila nagsasawang mag-effort. #TropangTrendingOurHappiness

It’s not to say there was no effort from the other teams. It’s just that the kind of effort that Tropang Trending puts into their team seems to be turning it into a gold mine of talented people who seem to have learned to value and nurture each other’s worth in achieving their goals. We or lose, they are accepting of the outcome and have rarely talked about their winning streak. It’s like performing on the show is the culmination of a week of hard work, and if they make it as The Best Group, it just makes the week’s effort worth it. Remember that it is quite difficult to cheat a performance in the hope of making it look good and well put together. Again, it takes a little more to come up with a solid performance.

Way to go, Tropang Trending!



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3 responses to “What keeps Tropang Trending going

  1. Princess

    wow..i really love visiting ur blog… thank u for believing to tropang trending..esp. Rachelle Ann..a big fan here”,)..

  2. Rose Escadaherno

    Thank u so mch 4 d commendation. Tropang Trendng is not jst a team, it’s a family where der is love for d viewers,4 their work & 4 each other, faith in God & hope 4 d best evry time they prform.
    Thank u. Godbless u more…

  3. I totally agree! I guess everyone should be happy with the performance that Tropang trending is showing every Sunday coz’ they’re giving it all to US.
    Coz’ as viewers I think we deserve nothing but the BEST! 😀

    Sunday All Stars is currently the best Sunday TV program!

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