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What is and what’s not?

shin-11-6It is just sad that in the past weeks (and even months), there are facts that are being distorted to suit some people’s benefits. I’ve tried staying mum about the issue but lately things have been getting out of control.

I have known Rachelle for years and she has been a woman with integrity. The past couple of years, that integrity has grown with her Christian faith. She was never the type to badmouth or hurt others with words, more so with actions. Everyone who has been following her career knows how loyal she has been to people even if some of them proved to be not worthy of it. Her usual line: “Bahala na si God.”

Having said that, it therefore follows that once she says something firm and strong already, it only means she felt she needed to put things into perspective. Her words are not meant to hurt but to set things straight because probably things are getting out of hand.

To Rachelle’s supporters, just keep trusting and praying for her. We know her better than that, right? We’ve been with her for years and know her heart better than the others who’ve just known her for months or weeks or even just days. Trust her that whatever she does, she does for a good reason. It will take more than a few tweets from people who do not even know her much to turn us against her, especially if it seems that she is also being used to get back at another person.

And to those who profess to know, and to those who only want to feel better about themselves at her expense, I hope you remember that you are not only hurting Rachelle but her family, friends and followers as well. I will give these people enough consideration in not mentioning what they are doing to paint a distasteful picture of her because there is no point in stooping to their level. Just remember that the way to keep a woman in your life is to be a gentleman. And the way to earn respect is to continue to be a gentleman even after happier days are over. That is what separates the men from the boys. The mark of a real man is how he can accept disappointments well and then move on graciously. 

That being said, life goes on. Always be happy, Rachelle!



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