On bashers and hecklers

The funny thing about bashers and hecklers is that they rarely make good sense. They think they do but they don’t.

I’ve been hearing a lot of complaints about a basher on Twitter who is relentless in insulting Rachelle Ann Go.  Guys, there is no need to concern yourselves with this particular basher. Judging by the words coming out of his or her mouth, this person really isn’t worth much. Don’t stoop to this person’s level.

The problem with other people is that they don’t judge you by a decent man’s standard but simply because you are a hindrance to somebody. They nitpick on what they think they know and then use this to do their pathetic demolition job. So I don’t see any sensible comeback for these kinds of people. They know no sense and are consumed by hatred and vengeance. To reason with them is futile. You’ll just stress yourself out.

On which side would you rather be?

On which side would you rather be regarding this issue?

To you who thinks so lowly of people you consider as not beautiful and rich enough for your beloved idol, my prayers go to you. You seem to need a lot of divine intervention. My heart goes to your parents and loved ones whom you are dragging down with you. I doubt that they deserve it in the same way you are hurting innocent people and their own loved ones.

Rachelle supporters, chin up. The negative tweets, though many, only come from not even a handful. They do not even build much of a case. Destress with the fact that we know Rachelle better than some of those who simply see green because of, well, I don’t know…envy? Jealousy? Whatever their reasons are for preying on an innocent woman instead of addressing the issue to the man who chose to be with the woman, one thing is clear: they aren’t thinking clearly. So why bother with them? There’s more to celebrate than to stress about when it comes to Rachelle Ann Go.


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One response to “On bashers and hecklers

  1. Christian E.

    I love Rachelle Ann Go. What did the basher say? What were they complaining about? This makes me furious. I LOVE RAG. Her, Regine and many others are so talented. I know she will be an awesome addition to Miss Saigon 🙂

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